Sprinkler System Installation

Complete sprinkler system design and installation or retrofit of an existing system for residential and commercial properties in Aurora and surrounding areas in Colorado. We add sprinkler heads to new or add on lawn areas after a construction or a landscape project. Free estimates on new systems and retrofits.

All work covered by a 1 year parts and service warranty.

What we do

Professionals at Sunlight Sprinkler meet with you and walk through the details of your landscape and watering needs and then design a sprinkler system based off the water pressure the property allows for using the industries best and most durable components to provide efficient and uniform coverage of your lawn and landscape, as well as, installing comprehensive timer programs and or using weather based smart controller programming.

– Design

    Using 22 years experience designing sprinkler and irrigation systems we create a system to water lawns and landscapes with peak efficiency and uniformity of water coverage and mechanical durability for season after season.

–  Installation

    Our fully insured and experienced team install your sprinkler heads and underground piping system using the right tools and trenching equipment maintaining a safe and professional environment.

– Programming

    We create detailed and individual programs that will fit your specific landscapes needs and keep your plants and lawn thriving all season long.

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