Fully Insured Sprinkler and Low Voltage Lighting System Services

Sunlight Sprinkler and Irrigation is a registered and fully insured residential and commercial lawn and landscape sprinkler, irrigation, and low voltage lighting installation and repair service. Our team of experts are always available with one call and you can trust that we will show up on time and treat you and your home with respect. With our experienced staff, holding 22 years of experience in all facets of Colorado front range Landscapes, Irrigation and Lighting services, you will have a trustworthy team to rely on.

We design and install complete new sprinkler systems and/or retrofit and repair older systems. We do all facets of sprinkler and drip irrigation systems, including back flows preventers and associated plumbing, timers and weather-based ET controllers, and irrigation management. We use all the industries best practices and products like Hunter, Rain Bird, Irritrol, Toro, K Rain, Febco, Watts, and Zurn.

Apart from Irrigation services, we also provide Low Voltage Landscape and Outdoor Living Lighting services. We design and install new systems and/or retrofit and repair all low voltage LED systems. We can test and replace transformers, lighting wire, or fixtures with all the newest and most reliable brands, including Vista, Universal, and Kichler.

Our Comprehensive Services

New Sprinkler System Design and Installation

We design and do complete installation of commercial and residential systems. Free estimates on new or retrofit systems.

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Spring Activation

We activate and inspect the entire sprinkler system zone by zone and make all the adjustments and repairs needed to keep your systems running smoothly through out the growing season.

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We shut down, drain, and blow out the entire system with a high-powered air compressor and do a complete winterizing of the sprinkler system.

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Sprinkler Head Repair

We move, replace, and repair any and all sprinkler heads and repair leaking and broken pipes. We adjust or correct the sprinkler nozzles and drip irrigation emitters for even distribution through out your lawn and landscape.

Water Pressure Issues

We can diagnose and find solutions for low and high-pressure issues throughout your sprinkler or drip system. We thoroughly inspect the systems components and report to you on any adjustments needed to keep your system working in peak condition all season long.

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Drip Irrigation

We make your flowers, shrubs, and trees bloom bright and stay healthy through proper installation and service of sub-surface low water use components designed specifically for Colorado landscapes and flower beds.

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Pressurized Vacuum Breakers

We repair and replace freeze damaged or leaking ball valves, poppet and bonnets, and all associated Copper and PVC/PEX plumbing and fittings with whatever size or brand of residential or commercial PVB you need.

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Valve Diagnosis

We diagnose all residential or commercial style valves that are leaking or do not work properly, so we can repair or replace them accordingly. We install and repair all major brands including, Rain Bird, Hunter, Irritrol, Toro.

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Timers and Electrical

We install all top line brands of timers and weather ET based controllers, such as Rain bird/Hunter, and Rachio or B-hyve. We troubleshoot and repair electrical issues within the sprinkler system, and locate buried valves.

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Auto Fertilization

We install, service, and maintain inline-automated fertilizer tanks to sprinkler and irrigation systems in commercial and residential landscapes. Call us for details on scheduling and maintaining automatic fertilizer refills.

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Flower Pot Irrigation

We can keep your flowers blooming bright in the heat of the summer by getting irrigation ran to the flower pots on your deck or porch saving you time and money.

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Irrigation System Management

We provide complete custom management of the sprinkler system throughout the growing season if operated by an online weather-based ET controller only. Please ask about the details

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Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

We design, install and service the low voltage lighting for your landscape and outdoor living areas. We replace or retrofit entire systems with all the best names in the lighting industry, including Vista, Universal, Kichler.

Don’t see your service listed above? Call to discuss your needs and we will do our best tohelp find a solution.

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