Repair Services

Sunlight sprinkler offers a full range comprehensive systems repairs and maintenance services of residential and commercial sprinkler and irrigation systems. 1 year warranty on parts and service.

What we do

We provide thorough onsite diagnostic and repair services to all of South Metro Denver residential homes and commercial sprinkler systems.

– Leak Detection

   Repairs to damaged or broken sprinkler lines, or valve boxes full of water, we can find the problem and make the repair!

– Water Pressure Issues

    Brown spots in the yard from sprinkler heads not popping up, or not throwing like they should, or maybe they are misting and none of the water is hitting the ground? We can help!

– Sprinkler heads

    Repairs to heads shooting in the air, buried or crooked heads, clogged nozzles… we do it all!

– Back flows

     Repairs to leaking back flows, copper or PVC pipes, ball valves, poppet and bonnets, or stop and waste valves.

– Electrical

     Repairs for damaged or cut valve wires, timer replacements, solenoid testing.

– Drip Irrigation

     Repairs to damaged or clogged flower bed and shrub bed irrigation components. We repair and install irrigation to flower pots and planters on decks, porches, and patios. Please contact us for details.